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We have all type of manufacturing services small scale industry contact

we will provide all Tailor made detailed Project Reports we will provide to the willing Entrepreneurs. Mentoring & Hand holding support provided 1. Biscuit 2. Bakery ( Any Item) 3. Corn Flakes 4. Confectionery 5. Cattle & Poultry Feed 6. Dehydrated Onion & Garlic 7. Desiccated Coconut Powder 8. Wheat Flour Mill 9. Ginger Garlic Paste 10. Ice Cream Cone 11. Fruit Jam/Jelly 12. Noodles 13. Oil Extraction 14. Orange Squash 15. Mustard oil by Kachhi Ghani / Expeller 16. Pulse Bori & Pappads 17. Cotton Cakes 18 Paper Plate 19. Disposable cups 20.Pickles, chutneys 21. Rice Milling 22. Synthetic Syrup 23. Ground & Processed Spices 24 Noodles 25. Ice cream Cone 26 Ground Nut Oil 27. Coconut Oil 28. Pulse Processing 29. Cakes & Cotton cakes 30. Packaged Drinking Water(PDW) 31. Processed Vegetables for Mid day Meals in Schools 32. Atta , Maida, Sooji & Besan Mill 33. Tomato Sauce, Ketchup & Puree 34. Ready to Eat Vegetables 35. Tamarind Powder 36 Screen Printing of Clothing 37 Block Printing of Clothing 38. Embroidery ( Garments & saree) 39. Paints & Varnishes 40. Rotogravure Printing 41. Paper Bags- Automatic 42. Milk Products( Ghee, Butter, Paneer, Cheese) 43 Collapsible Tubes 44. OAT 45 Spectacles 45 Bulbs 46. Tomato Products (Jam, Jelly, Puree) 47. Blow Molded & Injection Molded Products 48. Disposable Paper Cups & Plates 49 Non Woven Fabrics/ Sacks 50 Zip Fasteners 51.Gummed Paper Tapes 52.Paper board cartons 53.Ball point pens 54. Event Management 55.Appliances Repair 56. Wood works

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