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Partners to start Software Company in Tamilnadu, Bangalore or Kerala

Hi all, My name Ajmal Kollathodi, I have 15 yrs of experience in Software Development in Senior level also. I have an idea to start a Company in India. Have good connections for trading the products in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UK etc... Please Contact me or 09747201644

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Created:about 1 month ago
Activity:6 days ago
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Opportunity For All TamilNadu Peoples to Earn Money Daily With Small Investment in Online trading. Online Trading trending in india now starts your Earning. For further Details Contact Mr Jagadesh- 9095421409
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Great Business opportunity from international market, once investment returns in four months with 100% profit, seeking for genuine interested gentlemen as Channel Partner for Tamil Nadu & Karnataka .It’s purely short term working period with lifelong profit. Education mobile app, Gentlemen who are in similar field are welcome .call 8608602600
We are offering secured/unsecured loans to individuals and companies at a low interest rate of 2%. My firm has recorded a lot of breakthroughs in provision of first class financial services to our clients especially in the area of Loan syndication and capital provision to individual and companies. Serious borrowers should reply to our email( With the following information: Name, Country, Amount Needed and monthly Income.
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Opportunity For All TamilNadu Peoples to Earn Money Daily With Small Investment in online trading. Online Trading trending in india now starts your Earning. For further Details Contact Mr Jagadesh- 9095421409
Required Rs.25.00 lakh for expansion of six month old travel and holiday company in Chennai. Will pay annual fixed return of 15% or get equity share with profit sharing. If any one is interested please mail on Only one investor will be invited and not more.
My experience in Retail banking software industry (9+ years) will be added an advantage to start job in the same area
If anyone have startup company in Kerala, Tamilnadu or Karnataka and like to add working partners please contact me: or 09747201644
My plan is to form the Company with 4-5 members, maximum 3 members should be experience in ASP.NET or PHP, any database
My plan is that to start products HRMS, Hospital Managment System, Supply chain Management or any other area you people can suggest.