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We are looking for investments for our new Technology startup Pragathi smart solutions in Banglaore

We are a technology start up of the first kind from India we are developing game box devices and multiplayer and multimedia games and other learning content we are looking for initial marketing investments form local fellow indians if you are interested in helping build indias first technology company pragathi samrt solutions and technology device called Mango then pls get in touch with me on or call me or whatsapp me on +916363404175 thanks

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Created:9 days ago
Activity:7 days ago
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Coin Charging Box !!! 1 Rupee per one minute charging 2 Rupee coin for 2 minute Charging and 5 rupee coin for 5 minute charging for any electronic device , Runs with Solar Panel and can be placed in Roads , Autorikshas , Bus or in any place/vehicle.