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How can we increase sales of Phone2Car?

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Created:over 13 years ago
Activity:4 months ago
Brainstorming Tips: Focus on generating a high quantity of ideas. Don't judge ideas. Invite other people to add ideas.
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Sell your Kidney urgently for the sum of $450,000.00, contact Dr Austin on WhatsApp NO +919535604767 TYU
Have the CEO be highly interested in the company :)
Keep track of the list of companies that we've contacted, and what the progress of each is (we will know our success rate, what kind of approach works or doesn't, and we might motivate each other to follow through)
Communicate regularly so that we move forward faster
target different types of companies
Provide a flash based presentation on how it works and email it to all cab companies
Allow a free demo of the software on the website