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They make great kites if you have kids [almost 11 years ago]

How can plastic grocery bags be creatively reduced, reused, or recycled?

Get off your computer meet people in real life. Ask them if they have a facebook then add them when your on your computer [almost 11 years ago]

How can I become more popular on Facebook?

how about, Heart's Desires [almost 11 years ago]

I need a good name for my business I would like to start can you help ?

Have a Celebration with the help of the congregation in supplies and food once a month to your service. If they don't come for the service they will definitely come for the food then be their friend and get to know them. [almost 11 years ago]

How can a small, liberal church attract new members?

How about Digital Security Solutions (DSS) [almost 11 years ago]

What should we name our computer security company?

Make a Motivational Poster for Moonjee that would be funny but still not telling people what it is exactly but once it is clicked on to enlarge full 1280x1024 it sends them straight to the link. [almost 11 years ago]

IDEA CONTEST: How can Moonjee be launched to thousands of users as an engagin...