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I have got a business idea of doing the Dress Ironing business professionally. We are going to dominate the business by introducing Vacuum Steam Ironing Machine. We are going to offer the customer same price but the quality is different and rejection is Nil. Since the machine is light weight we can involve ladies to execute the process. By this labor cost will be less. I am having sufficient manpower with me and I am looking for Investors who can invest 5 to 6 Lakhs. Please contact 9840191076 [7 days ago]

Need business ideas in chennai, ready to invest 10-15 lakhs.

Continued from Line Item 123. We request anybody who really want to help please contact me over the phone or e-mail address | My contact number - 09042606579 | My e-mail id:\ [over 1 year ago]

New business to start from chennai with small investment?

Dear All, I have conceived a new Idea of Starting Dry Cleaning Business. We have the expert on Board and We have identified a place where we can fetch more business. We want to do the business in a religious way and service should be world class. We have given the name and we are ready with the business plan and targeted Area. To take it forward we are in need of money to execute the business. At the initial stage we are starting in a small manner and we have planned to go for community marketin [over 1 year ago]

New business to start from chennai with small investment?