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Hi I'm a college pass out,looking to manufacture plastic cast films and bubble films they both are used as packaging material can anyone pls suggest me what is the future and market of these products. I'll also like to know other small plastic products that can be manufactured easily.Your advice is needed and hearty welcome.You can contact me at 8874775544 or at juss give me a miss call and I'll call back .. Thank you [over 4 years ago]

which is the best business to start and grow in India

Hi I'm vaibhav I have a plastic pipes and sheets manufacturing company. All I need is a reliable pigment,agents or chemicals that can produce shine and can produce strength to LD and LLDP type plastic.....pls can contact me on 8874775544..Thankyou!! [almost 5 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India

I'm a final year student,mechanical engineering.Dad owes a plastic business and I too wanna start a business of Plastic molding, like manufacturing plastic parts and components for automobile or any other industry.However don't know anything about the market and machinery.Pls help. Mob. no. 09718367784. E-mail: [over 5 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?