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Name:Sayyad aatif
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1985
Education:MBA (MArketing)
Employment:Working in a Better marketing services. as a business development specialist
Interests:To start my own BPO industry in Pune.
Achievements:1) got three time a award best BDS of the month 2) Increase the sales target by 20%.
Expertise:3 Year of experience. in corporate world and handling the client.
About Me:I am very ambitious. and hard working. willing to do work at any condition. strong confidence level. never surrender from the situation. and i believe in find the problem and solve the problem. don't believe in excuse.

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I have a good business proposal for investor. who can invest min RS 3-5 lack in pune for BPO industry. with handsome returns. who ever is interested then please contact me on e-mail [over 5 years ago]

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