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You'v seen - what do you think of the idea of Appointment Search for services?

What if you could search for "stylists", and see calendar with availability for dozens of stylists in your area over the next month? Would that be useful to you? What if you could do the same for mechanics, home contractors, house cleaning, and other services? From a business's perspective: If clients could schedule appointments with you online, would that help you grow your business? Would this service be compelling if it were free? You would remain in complete control of your calendar, and customer appointments would be secure. (Think of airline websites - they let you pick your seat, but don't reveal where anyone else is sitting)

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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Look at who provide a web based reservation system to restaurants, golf driving ranges and karaoke clubs....
I don't know, withing reasonable distance from my office, I can think of 10 restaurants where I'd be happy to go. As for stylists, there are only 2 I trust enough in the whole stats to do my hair. Maybe we could get a tickler when our preferred stylist is available? The idea of picking just "any" available person is not appealing. Same goes for mechanics & doctors.
Seems great for businesses, but would they be able to use this if they already have a computer-based scheduling system? Seems like it could be a headache to manage both.
Sounds useful to me - but would it include doctors? They're the hardest people to schedule with.