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How to place batteries in the heel of your shoes to activate vibrations.

I am intrigued by the recent scientific research by Dr. Ruben of Stony Brook U indicating standing on vibrating plates turns fat into bone (27%). Past age 50 humans lose 2% of bone mass annually, and fat loss is an obsession. The secret is High Frequency, Low magnitude signals. Standing like mice for 15 minutes may produce the results but is too boring. Found a stand-up vibrator at feet that retails at $200. Concept was Massage. My idea is placing the massage device to activate vibrations in the shoes activated by a battery. My first idea is to copy the business model of HEELYS, the wheels in the heels manufactured 12 million sets since the year 2,000. How to reveal concept which they can do, and not having them say "Thanks, and goodbye!"

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Created:about 14 years ago
Activity:over 2 years ago
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for females in the highheal shoes, you can use the heal part.
Find a way to use quart batteries...this way the power is generated by the sheet pressure its created from saver tip
You could attach the device with a strap to your ankle and then place the vibration strip below the sole.