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What would be the best way for bringing together religions and races to create lasting peace?

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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let them see earth from space.
schools. if we take advantage of the influence schools have on kids we can change the world. we can teach them that a human being comes in different shapes and colors just how a butterfly does. we can teach them that a human being can transfer from one place to another by planes, cars, buses, legs, artificial parts, and wheel chairs. we can teach them that difference is natural. that difference is beautiful. we can teach them to love one another no matter how different they might be.
Quit bringing up race and religion that puts people in a group. Get rid of the real racists who want equal rights but seperate events, seperate colleges, seperate foundations, seperate organizations, and think about... what does all this say for unity? All of these seperate things mean equality? not in my eyes. be a leader to "all" people and a teacher of just "faith". once we quit worrying about what race you are and what religion you follow is when we can become one race.....the HUMAN race.
Don't believe everything you are told. Put it in a nuetral place so you can stay open to new beliefs and ideas.
Create a council of elders with leaders from every religious group nominated to position, focus on finding commonalities within religion to support, nurture and grow (ie. the golden rule)
Have a spirit festival that brings together leaders in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and have workshops that feature and explain the varying beliefs.