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If the Ball State University Excellence In Leadership Program was changed drastically, what do you think it should look like?

What topics would be tackled? Would you have large workshops or small? What kind of speakers would you like to see? Would a service component be included? What would students see as an incentive? How would students be rewarded at the end of the program?

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Created:almost 14 years ago
Activity:about 2 years ago
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Small and large workshops have their own benefits- Small for interpersonal relationships and getting to realize your own abilities with others, Large- build big opportunities and give insights to issues not addressed in a normal setting. I feel that more service should be required not at the group level but the individual so that a given person can give back in a way that fits them not a group. I would love to see more people to come in and talk on world topics that are not addressed daily.
I think that it would be beneficial to have smaller workshops and more of them. Service should not be mandatory, but people should want to participate in service projects. Maybe implement a few more service projects into the program. I love the mentor groups and I feel they should be better utilized.
I think that Mentor Groups should have loftier goals for their community service project. Having a bigger goal might encourage more student involvement in the project.
I think that the small groups should be utilized more because that could be a really good go-to group for help and advice, as well as leadership and guidance. Maybe bring in some of our own peers as workshops so we don't always hear about people who are already old and wise and know all of life's lessons.
More interactive workshops!! and pizza!