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What kind of creative book would you be interested in about a country ?

I'm a quite creative person. I like travelling and I wrote and took a lot of pictures for myself during my travels in Africa. I would like to write a creative book (not a travel guide) using those personal writings and photos.

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:4 months ago
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You could totally rip off a certain popular Italian experience in Tuscany; create an "autobiosillyography" of your journeys. Make it light-hearted and about discovery, the joy of noting the differences as well as any "horrors" you may have encountered. Sort your materials by linear time line, experience, mood, flavor, region, whatever makes a good section or chapter. Include reproductions of ticket vouchers, your passport, vaccination forms/healthplan billing, etc. Don't do it just for money.
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stories about pictures
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