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What innovative businesses, websites, or ways can you think of to help Americans loose weight and/or stay healthy?

According to Google Trends, a large number of people in the United States are searching the net in hopes of finding the newest and best ways to loose weight. Obesity is becoming one of the biggest health risks to people in the United States today... can YOU help?

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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The easiest way to lose weight is to stop overeating. For that to happen you have to reconnect people with their bodies. 2 steps:1)eat slowly, take the time to chew, let your stomach realize it's full. That in turn will let you understand when you eat because you're hungry and when you're "eating your emotions". 2)Visually projecting a better body image of yourself to yourself. If ypu look at anyone who has succeded at losing weight you realize that they inevitably go through these steps.
Create a website that develops at home workout plans customized to each customer.
Open a business who provides cheap, healthy meals quickly to customers.