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How can a bar cater towards the diet obsessed public when their product does not always support their diet?

Found on Google Trends, people are becoming more and more obsessed with their diets, but are still occasionally visiting the local watering hole and breaking their diet with high caloric alcoholic beverages.

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Created:over 14 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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Thin people have a couple beer or a glass of wine or a few drinks. Moderation is key. The manufacutrers advertise drink responsibly. However, they still use young, incredibly thin or incredibly muscular people in their advertisements. I recommend using people in advertising that actually look like people we see everyday. Some with a little extra here or a little extra there, some with hair, some without. People want to belong.Welcome them as your kind of people!
Provide anti-oxidants like strawberries with drinks like vodka so people feel they're "drinking healthy".