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What's missing from today's social networking sites? What leaves you dissatisfied? What more do you want?

It feels like social networking sites become stale almost as soon as they become popular. What's missing? What more do you want from a social networking site?

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Created:almost 13 years ago
Activity:about 2 years ago
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perhaps privacy could be a big issue in the future..I am sure one doesn't want his supervisors to know his binge drinking habits over the weekend, which could affect how he is perceived at his work place. So there should be more privacy options.
track your buddies in real time, could be even more appealing or revolutionary, then again.To me it sounds scary for someone to be able to track me down in real time, but (at the same time) I would like the idea of knowing where are my friends are so i don't have to call them and waste more time. I would be given the choice to go with my frineds at the pub or at school...
Well now, we want to be more connected with people so I guess what most social networking sites lack that advantage to keep up with the friends they know, so maybe (and facebook has done it, there must be other ways) if someone connects different platforms the Whatever-social-networking-site will be more appealing, as an example facebook and the tool for the iphone, computer to cellular, so maybe something (which could be kind of dangerous) like connecting computer to cellular to GPRS in order..