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The advantages of the cone crusher

The cone crusher is suitable for the fragmentation of the metallurgical, construction, chemical and ceramic industry ,and it is very popular with the users.It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform size, large production ,etc.I will introduce the advantages of the cone crusher as follows. 1, The unique design of the crushing chamber shape of the cone crusher improves the crushing ratio and production effectively and increases the content of the cube shapeof the finished material . 2.The wastage of the wearing parts decreases, and all the wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, so they have long service life .When the materials that cannot be crushed enter the crushing chamber, the spring safety devices can protect the devices from being damaged.In order to reduce maintenance costs to the minimum, generally, the service life can be increased by more than 30%. 3.Combine the higher speed and the stroke,to make the rated power and the capacity of the HP rusher increase greatly, which improves the crushing ratio and production efficiency . 4.The hydraulic adjustment of discharge port and the overload protection make the functioning level of the cone crusher have been improved greatly, making the maintenance easier and the operation more convenient and the downtime shorter. 5.The unique design of thin oil lubrication system of Fote heavy machinery improves the service life of the equipment greatly.High performance non-contact labyrinth seals parts have no wear ,which improves the reliability of blocking the dusts, and eliminates the common failures that the oil and water mix fundamentally . 6.All the replacement parts of the cone crusher are available to carry out disassembly and maintenance from the top or the side.The movable cone and the fixed cone are easy to disassemble and install, without having to disassemble and install the stander and tightening the bolts and the routine replacement scaleboard is even more convenient.The hydraulic motors are adopted to make the production efficient of the crusher higher. 7.This cone crusher has advanced principles and technical parameters , reliable operation, and low operating costs. 8.The granularity of the product is more fine , and more crushing and less grinding is realized,which increases the productivity of a subsequent grinding operation, and reduces the system power consumption. Cone crusher :

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