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Created:about 17 years ago
Activity:about 17 years ago
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service website for the travel and toursim members all over the world can collaborate and fulfil their travel needs. So if i'm travelling to India I can pre-plan a stay with an Indian at his house and make a payment or do a reciprocal/swap instead. This way we empower ourselves and help each other financially. This will disrupt the hotel business big time. One can easily build other smaller web business ideas around one big idea like this.
think in terms of disruption. If you can disrupt the business of big establsihed businesses, you can get a piece of the pie before others catch up. So think in terms of starting service websites that can do away with lawyers and their advise for which they charge $500 an hour. Also, a service site that allows community members to efficiently collaborate in the distribution of mail and parcels...that can easily do away with giants like UPS and USPS and DHL
allow randomly people to tell whats negative for exactly one week