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WHATSAPP: +1 (647) 945-5266 Urgent Job openings in Oil and Gas Industry & Construction Company

SEND YOUR QUALIFCATIONS DOCUMENTS [email protected] [email protected] website: TEL : +1 (604) 288-7640 WHATSAPP: +1 (647) 945-5266 Spencer Group of Company Canada mission is to create sustainable economic and social value. Through successful exploration and production of oil and gas resources and also construction of large-scale residential, commercial, civil industrial, mining and hydro construction projects. We are recruiting Office staffs,Accountants, Managers, Construction;mechanical;electrical Engineers,Oil & Gas Engineers,Drivers, Crane Operators,Explorers,Surveyors,Welders,Apprenticeship, Doctors, Nurses And Caterers. Send application of your qualification documents to WHATSAPP: +1 (647) 945-5266 [email protected] [email protected] Dr Leroy A.Laukhuf, Human Resource Manager-Operations Spencer Group Of Company Canada TEL : +1 (604) 288-7640 WHATSAPP: +1 (647) 945-5266

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Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer