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What is happening is that people are texting too much and they are not calling. Positive Talk Radio guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center

It's amazing. I I've talked to a lot of people that have traveled internationally. I haven't had the ability to, yet. I plan on doing it at one point in time, but I will, I don't think I'm not gonna no. So, but what they tell me is that when you leave this country and you go elsewhere, mm-hmm, people who have nothing. And I mean, nothing mm-hmm can still be happy. It. Absolutely. Doesn't take a car. Doesn't take, you know, a lot of money. Uh, they've got water, they've got food, they've got a roof over their head. They've got family and they're happy. And I, I think we've, you've been gone a while. I think we've lost that we've lost touch with that in this country. And I would hope to get it back. They also have faith. They have faith in themselves. They have faith in their family and they have spiritual faith. And I like things like that. And I believe that everybody in the world has that in common. It doesn't matter your culture, religion, your language, your skin color, or whatever. No, there, there a smile is universal. And when people offer food and share things like that's universal, too. and in this culture, you cannot turn down a second plate of food as an insult. So just be prepared to eat and be prepared to be taken very well cared of, and also have the pleasure of reciprocating that as well.

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