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How to implement a real-time Kirlian image on computer monitor

Remember colorful Kirlian images people's fingers and plant leaves? Popular in the '70's, these were generated by placing color film (inside a dark envelope) between your finger tip and a metal plate that is pulsed with high voltage. Corona discharge generated a beautiful aura-like image. That was 30 years ago. Now let's do this real-time and display on computer monitor. Another intriguing twist to this is the research reported by Professor William Tiller at where he states that it is relatively easy to mentally influence the breakdown voltage of a gas. Imagine a grid of sensing wires, arranged in an x-y pattern. Sandwiched between the x and y plane is a substance that is driven almost to the breakdown point by voltage difference between the x and y wires. A single x and y pair causing near breakdown would be one pixel of data. An image is generated by energizing all of the x-y combinations in a sweeping pattern. Energizing current is used to determine pixel intensity. There are other approaches to implement this concept. Do you have different idea or an embellishment of this one?

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