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What are some ways to monetize a talent for Brainstorming/Idea Generation

Pretty much says it all - I am a passionate idea generator, I have given away a ton of viable ideas, some have been executed, some haven't - I would like to do nothing but generate ideas for a living, how could that be accomplished?

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:almost 3 years ago
Brainstorming Tips: Focus on generating a high quantity of ideas. Don't judge ideas. Invite other people to add ideas.
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Ideas are only valuable if they are put into action. Specialize in an area that matters to you. Write articles on ideas for that niche. Send the articles to key decision makers in various businesses. Offer to come to them, and provide a free session of your talents. Once people see that you have something of value, then you can charge for it. Until then, keep generating new ideas. It's the best way to increase your creative muscle.
Keep trying sending your ideas to people who matter (including and hope that they would respond. Prepare yourself to keep the success rate at or below 1%; if you gain more you are lucky or genius or both.
We're already working on implementing that in Marc! You will start getting paid for brainstorming soon!