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What should newspapers be doing if they want to survive?

How can newspapers build a new business model that keeps local reporters on the scene? Or will Google and Microsoft replace professional journalists with user-generated content, crowdsourcing and blogs? And is that so bad?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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How about adding a button on newspaper Web sites or an SMS option from the newspaper to send stories, coupons, ads, etc to your cell?
Add personalization tools and get really local. Provide coverage about your local towns that no large news Web site can touch and let your readers control their content. Use Web analytics to see what people are truly interested in and do more of that!
Do a online blog-like site instead of the traditional category-devided sites. TAG IT baby!
Let readers contribute to the articles
Newspaper need to populate their pages with websites for readers to cross-verify the source of information
Uhh... no offense Anand.
The Newspaper is not likely to be forgotten in the near future. However, if driven by paranoia, a first class Tabloid, rich in content , ardent in its candour and unbending in its scruples will always be preferred over editable-by-all-and-sundry , voted by the casual visitor kind of websites.
user-generated content can also be generated by professional users aka journalists. The journalists just need to loose their fear of technology.
I like Lori's idea at #3. To build on that, newspapers could transform into "physical blogs", where each page is divided into 20 or so sections and each section is a blog entry and profile of someone from the community. The positions of the columns are rotated so everybody's blog gets a chance to be on the front page.
Perhaps rather than reporting the news that we already have reported from multiple channels, such as television and the internet, they should report news that we DON'T have much access to, such as GOOD news. Or involve the communities more somehow, through having "lay reporters" that cover local news. People like seeing their words in print. You only have to look at web forums to see that. Perhaps more people would buy a newspaper if they felt that they had some input/contribution.
Newspapers were invented as the most effective means for broadly distributing information, and centralising the costs of gathering that information - both tasks are no longer required by a print infrastructure. Information is flowing more freely and is gathered more cheaply than at any other time in history - newspapers are redundant. Books, on the otherhand are not - we've a long way to go to get to a digital book that works as well as a print one.
Invest their existing money into promising start-ups that serve small businesses and new media. e.g.