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How can a company improve employee morale and bring the staff together?

I am looking for fun activities that will help improve employee morale. These can take place during the work day - provided that they don't interfere too much with productivity or outside of the office. Clients are often in the office so we can't get too wild. There are about 30 employees in all. All ideas regardless of cost are wanted.

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Created:almost 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
Brainstorming Tips: Focus on generating a high quantity of ideas. Don't judge ideas. Invite other people to add ideas.
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Have employee action commitee. Allow them to explore ways to make themselves, as well as the company better. They often have great ideas to make certain areas more efficent for themselves which makes them feel better and makes productivity soar! And give credit where credit is due!
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Some stretching techniques with a deep breathing
Research Cisco
Do a role play - Initiate ## One day in *your* life ##. On a round robin basis get your people to step into your shoes and have some fun..
Encourage people to find their own way to solve problems.
Table tennis ore a football is excellent to relax, use your body and to make nonformal conversations with kolleges. I use it a lot with succes!
Say hello to your employees, know their names, speak to them, ask news about their work and their life. Be sure to know what kind of work they do. Be really grateful about their good work and smile to them.
A game where questions are provided and answers have to be obtained by speaking to your co-workers throughout the week and/or day to get the answers. For example: Someone on the staff has 7 children or Find someone who...
Happy hours at local establishments
Office pools - NCAA Basketball, Football, Award shows