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What kind of product could be created as a safety device for runners (esp. females)?

As a runner, I know that sometimes running alone can be scary, whether it be out in the country or in the city. Runners (esp. female runners) should have some sort of safety device that is light weight and sheek. Any ideas? Design ideas?

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Created:almost 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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An extremely loud attack alarm (very high pitched) that in some way wraps around a drinking bottle. If the runner drops the bottle (say, in an attack situation) then the alarm sounds. (I was told in attack situations the best defence is often to make as much noise as possible, as attackers fear attracting attention.)
How about a means to carry a mobile phone (or other device) on the body. This mobile phone would be permanently recording images and sound (and perhaps sending to another location?) Anyone who attacks knows they will be filmed.
A gun and the training to use it.
Perhaps some sort of specialized glove that has a button on it to alert local police of your emergency as well as coordinates (GPS).