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How to reduse bribe in ou nation?

I want to live in Bribe less India.

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Created:almost 15 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Education in schools and to parents before those are influenced, open records for government/public company spending, promotional campaigns by respected and undeserved "respectful" people about honesty in life and business. Turn the mistique around about what greed in money brings forth..
Good idea but we have to stop the sons/daughters taking money from parents as there own property or parents dividing there money in to equal parts and giving it to children and telling thats all they can give is this and tell them not to ask more and also all woman start working and being STUBBORN
1) Increase the pay of the employees 2) Add vigilance / camera to the area 3) start kicking them on the spot out of the job if caught red handed.
At first we should kill money sytem