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How can coaching be improved in your situation? What would make it more effective or more sustainable? What else impacts on the outcomes of coaching?

I would like to improve coaching for you, and am interested in finding out what I can do to become a better coach. Please let me know how I can achieve this by telling me what you want more/less of, or what else I can do to support you? Which characteristics do you think make a good coach? Are there any school wide issues that are impacting on the success or sustainability of the coaching process?

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Created:about 13 years ago
Activity:over 2 years ago
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I believe that a school wide issue that is impacting on coaching is the "country" aspect, namely the distance we are from bigger and regional centres where professional learning opportunities could have further supported the in school coaching.
I believe that I need intensive pedagogy support in basic Mathematics procedures, and specifically in how to assess students in such a way that I can use that assessment to inform my planning and teaching.