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We help to import your product in

We help to import your product in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden from Rice, Wheat, Pulses & Other Food Grains (general spice, whole spices and blended spices), Ayurvedic & Herbal Products, Gems, Jewellery, Precious Stones & Beads,Re-location service, Student service, IT software, Telecom and IT people. We do marketing campaign + program, vendor evaluation, software demos, client/customer, touch with customers, advertise specials and discounts or introduce new products. It is basically a process which acts as a bridge between the company and its clients.We acts as a package that contains policies, processes and strategies to help organizations to create maintain and nurture long lasting relationshipwith its clients. We have experience in outsourcing Nordic ITcompany almost everthing i.e Project, SAP, Support 24/7/365to Asia such as India cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Banglore & Hyderabadand Vietnam - Hanoi city. B4Bto B2C network in all area and we are Business Specialist Community to help you to increase your production and re-locate your office and business partner in Nordic countries. We have very strong potential customer in all business area, wehave the ability to implement and complete what have been started.

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Created:about 11 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Sell your Kidney urgently for the sum of $450,000.00, contact Dr Austin on WhatsApp NO +919535604767 ....?
NEED INVESTMENT FOR DAIRY FARM MINIMUM INVESTMENT 1 LAKH GET MONTHLY Rs 10000 for 11 months or LifeLong. THIS IS FULL OF INVESTMENT METHOD, NO NEED TO WORK or SALE. ONCE YOU INVESTED. WE BUY COWS ON YOUR INVESTMENT. 1st to 11 months AFTER 11 MONTHS RENEW THE AGREEMENT, THEN YOUR INCOME WILL BE Rs 15000 UPTO NEXT 11 MONTH. RED PLAN 1st month to 11th month =15000 11x15000 = 165000 + your Investment (1Lakh) BLUE PLAN 1st month to 11th month = 10000 11x10000 = 1,10,000 + your Investmen
Hello we have millionaires investors who are looking for a trusted partner to work with if you think you can be of good and trusted partner here and they are willing to invest in a business such,villas,commercial buildings,commercial lands,,any running or starting company to invest into as a partner in United Arab Emirates ,Middle East,Singapore,Indian and the world in General,so you can contact me for details so that i can linked you with the investors you can email([email protected])
Hello Dear, How are you doing? I view your profile I think you are Trustworthy; my name is Jonah Richmond working with Veterinary and Integrative Medical Company based here in Canada and London; I am the secretary to the director of our company. I am looking for a trustworthy individual/company who has the potentials to handle the supply of an herbal product Please for more information write me a brief on my e-mail:[email protected]
My name is William David ,I am working With A VETERINARY COMPANY based in, London UK.I got your contact during my comprehensive search for a reliable and trustworthy individual/company in your country.I decided to contact you for a business with my company.The company I work with is into manufacturing of VETERINARY MEDICINES. The company procures most of their raw materials from India,There is a chemical which the company used to send me to buy from me id:[email protected]
We have a Charitable Offer to give out to any legally identified individual. kindly contact us:[email protected]
We are wholesalers of different products, which can be exported too. If you want to start a business with little investment, contact us. We also need Agents for our business, so those who want to work without any investment can contact us. [email protected]