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Positive Talk Radio introduces guest CEO Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center

The following presentation has brought you by KM, please visit KM for more inform. Now stay right where you are as we present. Welcome to positive talk, radio, evolving ideas, one conversation at a time, great guests, dynamic stories and interviews. Plus new thoughts on a wide range of topics and concepts. I hope that you'll hang with me. Kevin McDonald, my friends. And of course you, as together, we work to understand why we are all here and what we can. To make our world a better place for all of us to be happy, be kind and live in peace together. Yep. That's positive talk radio. Until another episode of positive talk radio, we are gonna have an extraordinarily good time. And I hope that you'll stay with us the entire episode, because I've got a guy that is really, really talented in what he does. His name is Richard blank. He is a chief executive officer. He's a CEO. I, I don't get to talk to a lot of CEO. It'll be fun. He's uh, he is a CEO of, uh, Costa Rica's call center, which is a huge call center. And it, uh, he teaches people that the, the indigenous people down there, how to speak English, how to sell, how to do all kinds of stuff. Um, he, his, uh, website Costa Rica's call center. You, he can. Just about anything in the service world that you can think of.

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