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Are there gifted and very hardworking human beings in call centers? Positive Talk Radio guest Richard Blank

Now I believe that the people that, uh, have had, they grew up with like, not a lot are very gifted and very hardworking human beings. Have you found that to be true with the folks down there? Absolutely. I, I do know that this is a very strict Catholic country, so we're very selective of the campaigns they take. But I, I do know this, that when someone is treated with. And dignity, and they're not treated like a number or expendable you'll get the best out of them. And so that's the sort of positive reinforcement, Kevin, that I've been able to receive this entire time. I've been here. Positive Talk Radio has accepted Richard Blank's invitation to join the audience for a solid discussion regarding taking a chance by moving abroad and starting a company from scratch in Costa Rica. Kevin McDonald discusses with Richard advanced telemarketing strategy, conflict management, interpersonal soft skills, customer support, rhetoric, gamification, employee motivation and phonetic micro expression reading. Positive Talk Radio with Kevin McDonald "Evolving Ideas One Conversation At A Time"

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