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Friends have you ever gone fishing... okay if you haven't but if you happen to go for one with that long stick in your hands waiting for minutes then hrs and hrs to find out u have really wasted your time on the wrong side ,whereas the other guys are up to to their meal.... This experience is no new to any of us.. We know howhard it's to make money from stock market but then there are ppl if we see I would not name them but yes they have made fortunes from the same medium where we are still struggling to get a decent salary and run our household expenses.. Actually , it all started with me the same like it started to you guys... Wanted to make some few thousands monthly and I got here in market... But then 8yrs passed away and still was in a dillema ki what's going wrong with me that I m not able to make out.. Time wasted in these years.. Money was the additional factor which was just getting low to lower.. [about 6 years ago]

which is the best business to start and grow in India