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Name:Bullion Grey
Location:Los Angeles, California
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1960
Education:9th grade, GED, self educated with an emphasis on Brainstorm Facilitation and Imagination Work. Was one of the first in nation to start my own Brainstorm Facilitation Service back in 2002. My $40,000 grant, a result of "Brainstorming", was awaded as seed capital. Because of disabilities I was forced to retire. Read about 3000 books on business, career, spirit and self development over the last 25 years.
Employment:none. Retired to Imagination....
Interests:Brainstorming, facilitation of Brainstorming and exploring the limitless geography of Imagination. I like to learn about anything that brings health to myself and others. Most interested in Awareness, Higher-Consciousness..... Do some self publishing once in a while. Last one is: How Do You Put a Star in the Sky? Passages Toward Awakening Order it on:,, or
Achievements:Published 7 ( combination of books and booklets), have reached a enriched place within as the dawning of Realization is apparent....Helped many hundreds of people find jobs, get off the streets, find homes, get fed, believe in their ideas for better living and all that I just wrote is nill, because I don't believe in achievement! So, nothing. lol
Expertise:Working with Imagination and ideas, Brainstorming and creative thoughts, ideas and/or experimentation with creative action toward better living for all.
About Me:Called from Mystery, as we and all creation within these dimensional properties, awakening gradually. Some what of an artist with words, clay, sketch and music.....Everything emerges from Source, but I have a knowingness about this, not a a volunteer Brainstorming Facilitator and moving at the speed of Imagination! My website:

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