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Location:Ormond Beach
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1963
Education:Certifications: Group Fitness; Nutrition Advisor; Personal Trainer; Zumba Fitness: Personal Development & Motivation Coach
Employment:Weight Loss Studio
Interests:Inspiration to help others find their "WHY"
Achievements:My name is Celeste Momin, and from August of 2005 at 156 pounds to November down to 125 pounds; height at 5'4". My highest weight was at 327 pounds. Now I am full of energy and I love my new life. Back in August, I set a 90-day plan to complete my journey. I was satisfied on maintenance of one Herbalife shake a day; however why not finish the project? I went back to two shakes a day while believing in myself and that all dreams are possible. I listened to Mark Hughes' audio for 90 days, and I always heard "JUST DON'T QUIT!" I have fought obesity since childhood. I have gone to extremes to lose weight, only to find myself gaining weight back every time. I found Herbalife & my life has sense changed. I no longer diet. I now live a healthy, normal lifestyle and full of energy and compassion to see others achieve their dreams. I am an "all or nothing" person. I had to stick to this plan! I set a goal to compete in the 2005 All South Figure Championships on November 5, 2005. It was not an easy road. I had detours along my journey having emergency surgery seven weeks prior to the figure show, which left me not being able to exercise to for five weeks. Did I want to quit? ABSOLUTELY! However, my mentors, Lee and Jen, reminded me to stay focused and remember my dreams. I had to have faith and believe I would go to the show in the best possible shape. Herbalife has taught me patience and a willingness to learn and be teachable. I found my dreams in Herbalife with determination and commitment. I will continue to follow success throughout my life! November 5, 2005 was so special. I did not set a goal to WIN a physical trophy. I went to the competition with true passion to share that any one of any size can achieve any goal that you set your mind to. My very first figure competition was out of seven contestants. On stage I was very proud. I was a beaming light of happiness. I stood on stage with tears in my eyes. It was very emotional. "I DID IT!" I reached my dream. Not only did I reach my 2005 destination of losing 31 lbs. I now completed my journey of losing 202 pounds overall! A HUGE thank you to Herbalife, my Family, Friends and my Mentors for believing in me and watching me grow. My desire is share my personal growth with everyone. Respectfully, Celeste Momin ~ [email protected] ~ Three years later… Continuing success & always remaining teachable!!!
Expertise:Weight Loss Solutions
About Me:I look at this "ABOUT ME"... All I can say is all above is about me, however it is not about me, it is about helping others "DREAM & FIND SOLUTIONS" WHO DO YOU KNOW?

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What ideas for naming my weight loss studio.

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What ideas for naming my weight loss studio.