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Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1962
Education:Animal therapy
Employment:Self employed
Interests:Nature,Animals,Natural health
Achievements:Diploma Zoopharmacognosy
Expertise:Natural Health for Animals
About Me:Few years ago had a career change from Pharmacy to Aromatic animal therapy & science

I'm going to be starting a new business which involves helping all species of animals to bring themselves back to health as they do in the wild using their own innate sense of finding their own medicine from plants, bark,chalk, mud etc and self-medicating themselves back to health. It works by offering remedies such as essential oils, bark, chalk etc to the animal on a self-selection basis where I teach the owner or animal carer by facilitating this natural process. Any ideas on a business name? [over 13 years ago]

What should I name my business?