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There are so many options available! Everyone loves a party. Host an inexpensive Open House. Send email or flyer invitations to local businesses, organizations, clubs, etc. Decorate the exterior entrance w/ dozens of multi-colored balloons from the dollar store. Serve cookies & punch. Locate the refreshment table at the rear of the store to generate traffic flow. Give away advertised donated door prizes. Get youth participants to do face painting or simple crafts w/ children while parents shop [over 13 years ago]

Promoting/ Marketing ideas for a local thrift store

Difficult at best. I used pressurized canned air. Works fairly well.. [about 14 years ago]

What's the best way to keep my iMAC's keyboard clean?

Does handle that? Congrats on being busy! [over 14 years ago]

What is the best way to sell my wedidng domains?

Post open-ended potential topic questions throughout the work area, asking them to email me you the first "answer" that comes to mind. Set up a casual meeting limited to 30 minutes or so, and brainstorm with them. [over 14 years ago]

How can a team be motivated to use collaborative tools in the day to day work?

Be cautious when eliminating programs. Regardless of technological advances, a well rounded education with a very diverse curriculum is essential to the total development of these children. Look at basics: recycling; dry erase boards; energy efficient lighting and electrical equipment; parent and community volunteers; lease rather than purchase equipment; solicit gift card contributions from neighborhood businesses that have an inventory of items useful in the school; and above all, BELIEVE! [over 14 years ago]

How to cut costs in the San Diego School District

Go to the used book store. Purchase affirmation and positive thinking books. Place them throughout your home and office. Pick one up and scan it when you go by... Post affirmations and positive thought signs, posters, stickies... throughout your personal area. [over 14 years ago]

Creating Positive Energy

bullets with listing of the type of work you do that your competitor doesn't [over 14 years ago]

How would you get an Insurance Agent to recommend a remodeling vendor to thei...

Total focused attention on the consumer, regardless of the type of interaction. When you're dealing with a client, regardless the situation, they are your only focus... not your cell phone, your co-worker, other guests. Maintain eye contact. Always be courteous and respectful. Speak in complete sentences, free of slang and euphemisms. If you must unavoidably excuse yourself, do so politely and assure them you'll be right back as quickly as possible... don't rush off mid sentence. [over 14 years ago]

How to increase consumer satisfaction & repeat visits in the hospitality indu...

Consider the pros and cons of each idea. There's no such thing as a bad idea. There's always a kernel of inspiration in each one. If there must be a vote, whichever has fewer cons, wins. In the event of a tie, turn those ideas into a revised brainstorming session. [over 14 years ago]

What is the best way to vote on brainstorm ideas?