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Ideas around increasing E-Mail mailing list subscriber base

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Marketing to apparel wholesalers

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Great idea. Loved the cylindrical roll type 'rtvik'(#3) mentioned, which I first saw in a pen store in June 2006. However this one has wider paper that is already flat (or wont' curl up again like the roll type) so that is a good WIIFM proposition. It's slimmer too and wide enough to even accommodate another intrument (pencil or LED light or eraser). Perhaps have other options like photo stickers that moms can print of their children to stick on there. Lanyard loop for hanging around neck. [over 15 years ago]

What are some ideas around ways to market this pen with paper built in?

Have sold the (girl's label) to small boutiques like Denny's in RI and NY. Since the line is 'different' in that it's not denim like every other label has done (bandwaggoning). Love the low cost options - the YouTube video is great and E-Mailing them (now just got to expand the Mailing List, that's another Brainstorm in itself). Thanks everyone, Adam. [over 15 years ago]

Marketing to apparel wholesalers

Exclusive retail store (just for those that just purchased a ticket) selling cinema collectibles and actor autographs/memorabilia as well as books (actor biographies/filmographies) and even DVDs. Organize the store display by current screening and upcoming premiers. With studios increasing revenues by branching out in many areas such as merchandising (think Pixar's 'Toy Story' and 'Shrek' and of course Lucas Film's Star Wars), they would love this new revenue source. Mementos for romantic dates! [over 15 years ago]

What is a business that could be created which would increase movie attendance?