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Name:Erkan Sugut
Location:United Kingdom
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1975
Employment:Financial Consultant
Interests:,I am a direct mandate to a genuine and registered private lender, finance trader, direct provider of Bank Guarantees(BG), Standby Letters of Credit(SBLC), Letter of Credit (LC), Non Recourse Loan, Project Funding from top rated banks worldwide.
Expertise:Financial Expert
About Me:I'm an expert in Finance, Investments, Assets Collateralization and Banking. I am a mandate to a provider company and in direct communication with the Lessor of some major banking instruments such BG- SBLC-LC -DLC. The provider company is also one of the main entities with World's Top Organizations and operate under the Capital & Investments Arm providing Finance for viable projects or business.

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Greetings Sir/Ma We are a trade finance company that facilitates the issuance of financial instruments like Letters of Credits, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, etc, that help our clients from a diverse array of industries achieve smoother business transactions tailored to their needs. If you found any of our offered services would help you in any manner then do let us know we can definitely guide you.   Regards, MR : Erkan SÜGÜT. President / CEO ERK Assets International Financia [8 months ago]