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Education in schools and to parents before those are influenced, open records for government/public company spending, promotional campaigns by respected and undeserved "respectful" people about honesty in life and business. Turn the mistique around about what greed in money brings forth.. [almost 13 years ago]

How to reduse bribe in ou nation?

Agriculture/Farming/Rain Water Harvesting/Energy. All on small levels should work.. [almost 13 years ago]

Overcoming porverty

Short video clips of best shots, passes and plays within a season and historically. Attaching to current players along with historical. And then how they relate.. [almost 13 years ago]

What are good ideas of innovation (web/mobile/Digital Tv) for the Soccer Worl...

life of a true musician or artist.. [almost 13 years ago]

What words descirbe better a relationship between music, street, road, rock'n...

In these cases, kids, parents and budget would be obstacles. If kids tell teachers and parents about needed improvements, goes around conversation and then parents get involved to assist. Then if they have some budget can work. Or if you feel that your update will benefit extremely, call them again and again until they want to hear what you have to say..Then you know what your dealing with.. [almost 13 years ago]

How would you get a school superintendant to notice your mail piece?

Well in order to achieve this, every part of your offering must be at a level which gains confidence and ease for the customer. That might range from the food in the Restaurant, to the sheets, to the shampoo provided, to the attitude and approach for handling your target customers by employees. If all areas within the establishments are at a reasonable quality level, a consumer should not have anything to complain about and want to return. [almost 13 years ago]

How to increase consumer satisfaction & repeat visits in the hospitality indu...

Well if you are meaning 50lak from laos, you might be able to buy a piece of gum for 3 cent and resell for 6 cent. And still have a reserve of 2 cent. Leaving you with 8 cent again. Then repeat to doubles. Or did you mean something else? [almost 13 years ago]

i want to start bussiness