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Name:Joshua Murphy
Location:Tampa, FL
Education:University of Tampa, Class of 2008-BA Government and World Affairs
Interests:Reading, Writing, Music, Movies, Friends, Life, Candy, Politics, Business
Achievements:Florida Governor's All-Star, Teen Trendsetter Mentor, Bailey Family Scholarship, UT Dean's Scholarship, Volunteer Awards, Published Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Expertise:Research, Writing, Debating, Creativity
About Me:I'm 21, a senior in college, I enjoy playing soccer & football, I love writing political essays, my favorite candy is gummy bears (worms), I'm popular (not because i try), I love meeting new people, especially those from other cultures/countries, I'm in Sigma Phi Epsilon, I want to be President of the U.S. in 2028, I support Barack Obama for Pres. in 2008, Oprah rocks (so does Bill Clinton), and Bill Gates. I want to get my masters in public affairs and Ph.D. in INTL Relations.

Not knowing what I should do after graduating college. [about 16 years ago]

What is your major everyday problem? (repeat even if its been written before)

A site that develops around who we are--our fav. movies, music, celebs, hobbies, etc. [about 16 years ago]

What can we do to truly make an impact on GEN Y that pertains to digital content

I would love an Internet service that provides all of my favorite sites on one page and it allowed me to toggle back and forth--and it would also just have all the info i'd ever need. [about 16 years ago]

What do you want to do online on the web that is currently difficult to do?

Ordinary People-John Legand, Waiting on the World To Change-John Mayer [about 16 years ago]

What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?

Internet Voting. Text Message Voting. More Days of Voting [about 16 years ago]

How can we get more people to vote?

Growth and Maturity [about 16 years ago]

Why is college such an amazing experience for people?