Not knowing what I should do after graduating college. [about 16 years ago]
What is your major everyday problem? (repeat even if its been written before)
A site that develops around who we are--our fav. movies, music, celebs, hobbies, etc. [about 16 years ago]
What can we do to truly make an impact on GEN Y that pertains to digital content
I would love an Internet service that provides all of my favorite sites on one page and it allowed me to toggle back and forth--and it would also just have all the info i'd ever need. [about 16 years ago]
What do you want to do online on the web that is currently difficult to do?
Ordinary People-John Legand, Waiting on the World To Change-John Mayer [about 16 years ago]
What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?
Internet Voting. Text Message Voting. More Days of Voting [about 16 years ago]
How can we get more people to vote?
Growth and Maturity [about 16 years ago]
Why is college such an amazing experience for people?