Create online surveys for the customers to find out what are they interested in and then organize a public meeting (symposium) with your customers to understand what are the expectations from the new products [about 14 years ago]
What are ideas around how customers can help generate ideas for new products?
You could blog your favorite beer, whiskey or anything like that [about 14 years ago]
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Intedu Online Teaching [over 14 years ago]
compnay name for a new education portal(e-learning) for young kids
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How can I be "The Most Influential Man" in the world?
Enigma [over 14 years ago]
new company name
Constant effective advertisements [over 14 years ago]
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online bookshop or not
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They will make us available to enable with everything without the limit of our thinking border someday [over 14 years ago]
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Getting inspiration from those trips for the future's innovations [over 14 years ago]
What are ideas for what people could do,learn,or see on future Innovation Trips?