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Niche books -yes [almost 17 years ago]

online bookshop or not

For electronics placed in time capsules [almost 17 years ago]

What are applications for a tiny power source (smaller than today's batteries...

whores/whorez/ [almost 17 years ago]

What's a good one word name for a / community type site?

Let him read this list. He will never want to see you again. Problem solved. [almost 17 years ago]

How can I get over being in love with my husband's best friend?

Yes. If you wait until he's 8, he'll be teaching you. [almost 17 years ago]

Should i begin to teach computer programming to a 7 year old boy? How?

Silky (name of my pig from childhood. sniff) [almost 17 years ago]

What to call my pet pig

Apparently to prevent others from continuing to exist. [almost 17 years ago]

Why do we exist?

idea incarnator [almost 17 years ago]

Can you think of any great/interesting two-word ideas?