StudioDirectory [over 15 years ago]
What are some name ideas for an online studio directory?
You would be better off starting off a site for the project then developing other apps and services to integrate the existing site with other web 2.0 services as well as using the integration as a tool to assist in drawing more traffic to the full site. [over 15 years ago]
Do I launch my new idea as a Web 2.0 Site or as a shared app for Facebook/Beb...
Since the question states "if anything were possible" I would have to say that having devices that don't require any energy to run would be the obvious answer. However, realistically designing the house with energy efficiency in mind - using LED based lighting, having decent thermal insulating (for both hot and cold climates), in warmer climates utilizing cross flow ventilation, considering installing renewable energy sources (solar panels) and using devices that are more power efficient. [over 15 years ago]
If anything were possible, how would you reduce your home energy bills?
A basic forum, allowing staff to create discussions (ie for brainstorming :) ), post private classified etc [over 15 years ago]
What would you expect from a corporate intranet?
Full Circle Media [over 15 years ago]
What is an effective name for a media business?