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Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1970
Education:High School and Life
Employment:General Manager (Wannabe Inventor)
Interests:Making things I use every day better
Achievements:Co-inventor of 2 kids
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About Me:I like to look at things in different ways when I think they could be made better. My employees know I am in the wrong profession because I spend too much time making my store either faster at what we do or easier to do what we do.

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World of EmLuIe or World of EmLuEi-ness EM/erald/ b/LU/e /bonn/IE [almost 15 years ago]

What should I name my business?

egeneration mobileware [almost 15 years ago]

A name for a company that develops mobile device's software

Quit bringing up race and religion that puts people in a group. Get rid of the real racists who want equal rights but seperate events, seperate colleges, seperate foundations, seperate organizations, and think about... what does all this say for unity? All of these seperate things mean equality? not in my eyes. be a leader to "all" people and a teacher of just "faith". once we quit worrying about what race you are and what religion you follow is when we can become one race.....the HUMAN race. [almost 15 years ago]

What would be the best way for bringing together religions and races to creat...

make it attatchable to his cordess drill [almost 15 years ago]

With a new trend in household chores being shared- what about cleaning produc...

2 people 2 paths 2 outcome one moral to the story [almost 15 years ago]

What are good plotlines for a fariytale that involves credit cards?

Aquasaurus wet [almost 15 years ago]

Any idea of a name for a funny water game?

Live lifes lessions and learn from them [almost 15 years ago]

How to lead a stress free and happy life?

Use a randon timer set for times less than what you spend in the shower now to turn the water cold [almost 15 years ago]

How would you get your family to spend less time in the shower?