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Location:Tanjore district
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1972
Education:B. Com graduate
Employment:Doing trading business as well as consultant for investment.
Interests:To encourage young enterpreners
Achievements:Had a indiginios as well as foreigners transaction done.
About Me:I am encouging who ever ready to invest in small level to earn minimum amount of return on investment I will take care of their amount and will give assured return to them. I will put their money to wherever I am getting immediate return. The. Amount will be invested in CNF clearence for the foreignes and indiginiously who ever having order to export or local supply from our customers list will support finanancially and excute the same and get back our invested amount with nominal profit in turn I will give it to invested on monthly basis .

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Need immediate loan of 2 lacs. Amount will returned within a month with interest. [over 3 years ago]

Do You Need a Finance Help?

Who can ready invest 2 lacs. They can sit and earn minimum 15000/- per month. When ever they want to quit they will get back their money. Assured income. Who ever interested call on us without any hesitation. [over 3 years ago]

Investor looking for small investment business opportunity in Coimbatore Indi...