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Name:Mark Whiting
Location:Melbourne Australia
Education:RMIT Industrial Design ZJU Industrial Design - 1 year Exchange UF Mathematics - no degree
Employment:Self employed design thinking and development Self employed visualisation and workflow training ZJU Lab 318 Design Studio - Designer, Team Manager Adaptive Equipment - Design Consulting and Solidworks Workflow systems
Interests:Design thinking, really good design, mooting, mathematics, Jazz, Systems architecture, Software design, Information design and architecture, martial arts, romantic appreciation of life, network dynamics, foreign languages.
Achievements:Red Dot Concept Award 2006 - I contributed in the need finding stages of design development. First Robotics Competition. Winning alliance at JFK Nasa regional.
Expertise:Design thinking, software workflow, information systems
About Me:I am tall and I like going places I have not been to. I also drink a lot of milk and love good food.

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Mark Whiting [over 15 years ago]

what's your name

Hangzhou, China - It is really beautiful and its people understand the relationship between work and relaxation better than anywhere else on earth I know of. [over 15 years ago]

Which is the best city in the world? Why?

Integrate people who do not want to use the internet. My mother, my aunt, even friends who are just out of touch of the internet. [over 15 years ago]

What do you want to do online on the web that is currently difficult to do?

A network to connect interested individuals in a working context. Like this but for a much wider working environment and more robust than a forum or other traditional kinds of web community. Like an implementation of Kaizen for all industries on the internet. [over 15 years ago]

Internet startup idea

Less professionally dependant ways to deal with medical situations. For example, public use stretchers and defibrillators. [over 15 years ago]

What is in desperate need for innovation?