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Name:Shardan Open Busines Inc
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1974
Education:Graduate MBA
Employment:Multi Purpose Businesses empire.from sports/football business to import and export of varieties.Male enhancement.
Interests:Open Business,profit maximization for all stake holders and partners
Achievements:Multy business empire in Cameroon and Nigeria,25 employees,owner of a second division football club and academy with very young talented footballers and athletes of international reputation and standards
Expertise:Masters in Business Administration,diploma in football management and physical therapy/ players and teams negations,transfers,expert dealer in sport equipment, Ultra modern GYM installation equipments ect
About Me:I am a positive thinker,I believe in profit making,i think Business,eat business,live business with the intention of benefit for all stake holders and partners.I have a grip on Marketing any goods and or services in the sub central African i and my company is open to any business that you intend to extend to the Central African Sub Region.Chad,Central African Republic,Equatorial Guinea,Cameroon and Gabon.

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