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"FAITH IN YOU" (Suggests both "Spiritual Faith Within the Family/Individual" and your "Faith in the Future Prosperity of the Family/Individual"). [over 14 years ago]

Naming a Food Pantry / Case Management Program

What percentage of the brain is actually used by the average human? What do you think humans might be able to do in the future if science finds ways for us to use more or all of our brain capacity/potential? [over 14 years ago]

What are the essential questions worth exploring and deliberating about "The ...

Many are missing the issue: Make people "desire to continue education". While childcare, computers, e-books, & financial incentives are important (often called "Value-Added incentives/components" in business), the key is to create EDUCATIONAL "PRODUCTS" that are very desirable. In other words, THE STUDY COURSE HAS TO BE INTERESTING, ENGAGING, STIMULATING, & even FUN. Products sell by designing them to appeal to consumers. Invest in appealing/fun curriculum & facility design & MAKE IT APPEALING. [over 14 years ago]

How can we help more people desire to receive more education