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...Rs.10/- is the fee for all of this and govt. officer is bound to provide information in 30days; otherwise there is penalty on him of Rs.250/- everyday after this time limit. This is the only sunshine law which rights us to know anything from government. And when govt. proceedings are in open, corruption itself gets killed. You may mail me if you have a problem with any govt. department, I’ll be happy to glad you. My address: [email protected] [almost 16 years ago]

What are ways to check corruption in Indian govt?

Use of 'Right to Information' (RTI Act) is the only way to check and eliminate corruption in Indian Govt. This law fixes accountability of a govt. officer to provide desired information asked by any citizen of India. We can ask any information (except some exemptions) from any Government department or government funded organizations, inspect government records, file notings and ask opinions of govt. officers for what they do. [almost 16 years ago]

What are ways to check corruption in Indian govt?