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Location:Karachi, Pakistan
Education:MS Computer Science
Employment:Self employed
Interests:Any challenging job related to IT and Badminton
Achievements:Still living in this world.
Expertise:In which ever thing You need it.
About Me:I am working in the field of IT since 1989. I did find my CV so its attached with this email. My skill set can be check from : I have completed courses in Fire Fighting, Civil Defense, Rescue from the Federal Civil Defense School in Karachi, Incident Command System and Hazmat Prevention from FEMA USA. I have recently taken on the task of translating the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) by the Canadian Transport departement into Urdu from English. I have completed the three and half month intensive course of German Language from Goethe Institut Karachi. I am also doing online volunteer work. My village link is : I am mentoring a class at for last 3 years now. My data there is at : (the last one). I also do translation from English to Urdu and vice versa, a little bit of transcription as well.

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Hi, Hope You and family are fine. First of all You need to look into the problem areas as to why still You are not near 80% range. May be by creating interesting and sometimes giving away prices etc in each newsletter You can get good results. Also try to put in things to motivate people to write back to You. I hope this is of some help to You. Take care, regards. [over 14 years ago]

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